The world as we know it is becoming more and more evolved, this is why eco-friendly technologies and initiatives are a great thing to see, they help us keep our beautiful world a little greener. Although we may not have technologies that are as far fetched as those portrayed in the movies, there have been quite a few recent projects that have paved the way for a society that is greater and greener.

Here are five amazing ideas that will help change so much of how we live, travel and work:

1. Google┬┤s Wi-Fi Balloons

As recent as 2013 there was still around two thirds of the world’s population that did not have access to Internet, this is where Google used Project Loon which is a global network of balloons that can flight at high altitudes around the stratosphere, with the use of radio technologies, people in remote rural areas are able to have internet connectivity. Powered by a range of solar panels on the device, the electronics on the balloons provide Internet connectivity within a radius of forty kilometers of where they are located.

2. A Road From Vermont to Quebec For Electric Cars

The plan for the new electric car road which will run from Burlington to Montreal and back will allow those with electric vehicles to stop at charging stations located on the one hundred and thirty eight mile route to power up their vehicles that are eco-friendly. A website will advise travelers of the nearest charging station. This is a convenient form of transportation which is clean and very efficient.

3. Renewable Energy Rail Systems

There have been many consumers who have expressed quite often the desire to move on from nuclear energy and instead use renewable energy. There are some companies such as Deutsche Bahn as well as the California High Speed Rail Authority who seem to be listening to their consumers and seeking ways in which to become completely carbon free. Although it may a large goal of evolution for this huge industry which is historically connected to fossil fuels, if they can pull this off and become powered by 100% renewable energy, our planet will greatly benefit.

4. Solar Power

The largest solar plant in the world is said to be under way in the Nevada desert, just south of Las Vegas. This initiative is called the Ivanpah Solar Thermal Project and the price has been quite steep. That being said, the results are going to be able to offer emission free energy that will be able to power 200,000 to 250,000 homes. Not only that but in the process, 2,000 jobs have been provided, this seems like an enormous step in the right direction.

5. Alternative Sources of Energy for Airplanes

Although for some time this has been a popular project in Europe, the U.S. has more recently gotten behind the idea of using bio-fuels as sources of energy. They have been finding ways to use bio fuels that are also less expensive as the fuel source for the airplanes. This will really be a big step towards keeping our planet green and change the future of flight as we know it.